Shofar Sounding Lessons

Welcome to the Video Lesson Series on Shofar Sounding. The material presented here WILL take you, step by step, through the knowledge and practiced stages to successfully sounding a shofar.  These steps are time-tested and I have yet to see someone follow these steps and fail to sound a shofar to their delight. Each video contains material that MUST be practiced before moving on to the next video (practice may mean a few days or a week to two weeks to master well enough to move on to the next video)

Have patience, and trust the material. I appreciate your time and promise to waste neither your time nor your efforts.


Thank you, Dave Cadieux đŸ™‚

(once you have started the video, you may click on bottom right of each video to enlarge to full screen)

shofar sounding 1 – buzzing


shofar sounding 2 – embouchure


Shofar Sounding 3 (embouchure part 2) – and remaining series are being created now

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